Daily Look: SashaVong

Hey everyone, it's been a while that I don't post Daily Looks, but when I saw this one I thought it was great to re-start posting. SashaVong was spotted wearing this simple but still elegant outfit. I love the way she used the fur to break the whole black of the outfit. The accessorizing was just impecable with the tiara and the bracelet.

On Sasha: Tiara by Louis Mariette, bracelet by Chanel and shoes by YSL.

March 2012

March I Março

Necklace by Pamela Love
Deffinitly my favourite from this month!

Jeans by Topshop

Dress by Topshop

Boots by Topshop
They're a taller version of the ones released in October 2010

Jacket by Elizabeth & James

Shirt by Chlöe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
Thank you so much Alphonsinne from Seen on Stardoll

Top and skirt by Chlöe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
Thank you so much Alphonsinne from Seen on Stardoll

Looking for a TEAM!

Hi everyone. When I changed the blog, I didn't realised how hard it would be to post daily and to keep upadating according to the new categories. That's why I need HELP! If you wanna be part of HBs Addicted team just answer this post with the following answers:

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Deadline to apply: Feb 18th.

HB's Review: February 2012 by sevillana94

Hi everyone. Again, I'm sorry for the lack of "Daily Looks" and news. Anyway, this month I invited one of my favourites friends on Stardoll and also one of the biggest fashion icons, Chris (sevillana94). Hope you like it ;)

Chris' wearing the vintage HB tiara by Kate Spade

At first, HotBuys were supposed to be exclusive clothes, different from the ones we are used to see in Stardoll. It seems that the Stardoll staff want this concept to disappear, since HotBuys look worse over the time. I want couture pieces, stylish accesories, exclusive textures. I want Chanel and Dior instead of Topshop and H&M. I miss the old HotBuys, the real HotBuys.

Looking to the February HotBuys picture only a word come into my mind: cheap-looking. Yes, you probably disagree with me. I heard that most of you love them, don’t know why though. There are some good pieces, sure, but as I said before, I miss a luxury handbag, an amazing pair of high-heeled shoes, a couture dress. In general, there is nothing special, nothing impressive. Stardoll did a great job choosing the leopard print to focus some items, but I would have chosen more trendy materials, such as lace, transparencies, stones and fur. The collection seems made for the Spring/summer season. Personally, I think that Fall/Winter fashion is truly the best. I know it’s not winter in the entire world, so a balanced collection would be the perfect thing, like the January one.

Now, let’s pick my three favorite and my three least favorite pieces from the second HotBuys of the year:

My 3 favorite:

1. HotBuys Zipper Jeans.

These Balmain pants totally deserve to be in the 1st position. Although they look really better in real life, I think Stardoll did a great recreation. The material, leather, and the color, camel, are totally trendy. This kind of pants stylize our legs, and they are so versatile! If you know how to combine them, they will become an essential piece in your closet.

2. HotBuys Polka Dot Top.

This top isn’t amazing, but I really like it. It includes lace and polka dots, and I love the combination of pastel and black. So trendy! It’s very versatile too, it can be worn in many different ways. It could look great with the correct skirt or pants, and I think it’s very useful for layering as well. Overall, recommendable!

3. HotBuys Leopard Sunglasses.

In this one, I’ve had several doubts about my decision between these, the Leopard Cape and the Leopard Suitcase. Finally, I’ve picked the Leopard Sunglasses. In this case, Stardoll offers us two options. Isn’t that great? The leopard print gives them the stylish and trendy touch. I would prefer other colors, although these aren’t really bad. We have a lot of possibilites here: Black, white, pastels, and bright colors such as pink or orange. Definitely, a must have into our jewelry closet!

My 3 least favorite:

1. HotBuys Geometric Dress.

Where to start here. This dress is a total, mess. I like the McQueen real life version, but Stardoll totally destroyed it. The form of the Stardoll version is unflattering, and the print is probably one of the ugliest things I’ve seen lately. Also, why is the color combination that horrible? Definitely the worst piece of the collection.

2. HotBuys Halterneck top.

I’ve never liked this kind of scarf-top or whatever it is, and I’ll never do. I guess the print and the color gamut is okay, but the form and especially the neckline of the top are completely unstylish, in my opinion. It’s not very useful either. In case I liked it, I would only wear it with pants. Not worthy of being bought!

3. HotBuys Skull Boots.

I don’t really hate these, but they aren’t the kind of shoes that I like. I love the leather and the camel color, but I’m not a big fan of the print. It's colors are too striking and it’s not the best combination. Also, I prefer a more elegant kind of heel. They might look good in a casual outfit anyways, so why not, maybe I’ll give them a chance!

I hope you enjoyed my critique of this collection, my advices may be helpful for you.

I can’t finish this post without thanking my dear friend Mar for giving me the opportunity of writing for this ambitious blog, it was a fantastic experience!

Lots of love.