Competition: The Addams Family

Thanks to Google I found out that today would be the 100th anniversary of Charles Addams, the creator of "The Addams Family",so I immediately smelled competition, since "TAF" is one of my favourite cartoons/movies ever!

"Charles "Chas" Samuel Addams (January 7, 1912 – September 29, 1988) was an American cartoonist known for his particularly black humor andmacabre characters. Some of the recurring characters, who became known as The Addams Family, became the basis for two live-action television series, two animated TV series, three motion pictures, and a Broadway musical." From Wikipedia

THE COMPETITION: So the competition is to create an outfit, using Hot Buys, inspired (I'm not asking you to re-create identical looks) by any character of "The Addams Family". And before you ask, NO, you don't have to use only Hot Buys, but a significant part of your outift must be composed by HBs.

HOW TO ENTER: Save your doll on your album and comment HERE with the page number. It could be the simple save or a picture, in case your outfit has parts off the doll. But in case you choose the picture, do not use any effect and show your doll from head to toe. And try to keep the background as clean as possible (if possible, totally blank) so we can see every detail on your outfit.

THE PRIZE: 50sd or 500sc (I know the prize is not A LOT but this is just our first competition, I have to see how you are going to react to it. I couldn't give more stardollars if only 2 people applied, for example. I promise to give better prizes if this competition is successfull).

THE DEADLINE: January's 14th (one week from today).

27 comentários:

  1. My username is gucci***gurl and my entry is saved on the last page of my album. My look is a grown up Wednesday Addams inspired look with her high collar and Victorian boots, as well as a black crow feather handbag. The purple skirt adds a little colour to the look.

  2. My username is Hapsiperson (The one you think stole your whole blog thing) I have my entry on the open page of my album :)

  3. My username is lovepurpura, the page is 31, has the number on it. Ispired on Morticia, she is my favorite character, after Wednesday...!


  4. We have to save our own doll, or can we make it on another Doll ? Because I'd never been Superstar, so I don't have any Hotbuys...

  5. Sorry dear, but you have to save your own doll. U can ask a friend to dress her up as the character u want, and apply her. And u can maybe share the prize if u win.

  6. oh I am disappointed, because everybody aren't able to have hot buys even if we like them very much!
    Oh well I leave my place :S I Hope I could participate to the next competition ^^'

  7. hi
    this is my phot

    my name on stardoll misssafy2009

  8. I'm really SORRY dear, I didn't thought that would be a problem for those who were never Superstars. I promise to make it able for you on the next one. Again, I'm sorry.

  9. Don't worry I Understand ;) I know that being not-superstar on Stardoll is rather rare now, and especially at the moment ^^

  10. Username: NessisaMess
    Album page: 1
    I hope you like my entry :)

  11. Nice comp!! I would join :)
    I'm waiting for inspiration lol

  12. nick: ladystece
    album page: 11 e 12 pananam...

  13. nome: keylow
    pagina do album: 5

  14. Nome:helove16
    Página do álbum:2

  15. nome:brunnna2323
    cenario:the addams family

  16. username: Melo_duda
    album page: 1
    inspired: Pugsley Addams


    Hope it's not too late even if it's end ^_^'