Daily Look: SashaVong

Hey everyone, it's been a while that I don't post Daily Looks, but when I saw this one I thought it was great to re-start posting. SashaVong was spotted wearing this simple but still elegant outfit. I love the way she used the fur to break the whole black of the outfit. The accessorizing was just impecable with the tiara and the bracelet.

On Sasha: Tiara by Louis Mariette, bracelet by Chanel and shoes by YSL.

March 2012

March I Março

Necklace by Pamela Love
Deffinitly my favourite from this month!

Jeans by Topshop

Dress by Topshop

Boots by Topshop
They're a taller version of the ones released in October 2010

Jacket by Elizabeth & James

Shirt by Chlöe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
Thank you so much Alphonsinne from Seen on Stardoll

Top and skirt by Chlöe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
Thank you so much Alphonsinne from Seen on Stardoll

Looking for a TEAM!

Hi everyone. When I changed the blog, I didn't realised how hard it would be to post daily and to keep upadating according to the new categories. That's why I need HELP! If you wanna be part of HBs Addicted team just answer this post with the following answers:

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3 favourite fashion icons on Stardoll (that will be usefull to choose the user who will be posting Daily Looks):

Deadline to apply: Feb 18th.

HB's Review: February 2012 by sevillana94

Hi everyone. Again, I'm sorry for the lack of "Daily Looks" and news. Anyway, this month I invited one of my favourites friends on Stardoll and also one of the biggest fashion icons, Chris (sevillana94). Hope you like it ;)

Chris' wearing the vintage HB tiara by Kate Spade

At first, HotBuys were supposed to be exclusive clothes, different from the ones we are used to see in Stardoll. It seems that the Stardoll staff want this concept to disappear, since HotBuys look worse over the time. I want couture pieces, stylish accesories, exclusive textures. I want Chanel and Dior instead of Topshop and H&M. I miss the old HotBuys, the real HotBuys.

Looking to the February HotBuys picture only a word come into my mind: cheap-looking. Yes, you probably disagree with me. I heard that most of you love them, don’t know why though. There are some good pieces, sure, but as I said before, I miss a luxury handbag, an amazing pair of high-heeled shoes, a couture dress. In general, there is nothing special, nothing impressive. Stardoll did a great job choosing the leopard print to focus some items, but I would have chosen more trendy materials, such as lace, transparencies, stones and fur. The collection seems made for the Spring/summer season. Personally, I think that Fall/Winter fashion is truly the best. I know it’s not winter in the entire world, so a balanced collection would be the perfect thing, like the January one.

Now, let’s pick my three favorite and my three least favorite pieces from the second HotBuys of the year:

My 3 favorite:

1. HotBuys Zipper Jeans.

These Balmain pants totally deserve to be in the 1st position. Although they look really better in real life, I think Stardoll did a great recreation. The material, leather, and the color, camel, are totally trendy. This kind of pants stylize our legs, and they are so versatile! If you know how to combine them, they will become an essential piece in your closet.

2. HotBuys Polka Dot Top.

This top isn’t amazing, but I really like it. It includes lace and polka dots, and I love the combination of pastel and black. So trendy! It’s very versatile too, it can be worn in many different ways. It could look great with the correct skirt or pants, and I think it’s very useful for layering as well. Overall, recommendable!

3. HotBuys Leopard Sunglasses.

In this one, I’ve had several doubts about my decision between these, the Leopard Cape and the Leopard Suitcase. Finally, I’ve picked the Leopard Sunglasses. In this case, Stardoll offers us two options. Isn’t that great? The leopard print gives them the stylish and trendy touch. I would prefer other colors, although these aren’t really bad. We have a lot of possibilites here: Black, white, pastels, and bright colors such as pink or orange. Definitely, a must have into our jewelry closet!

My 3 least favorite:

1. HotBuys Geometric Dress.

Where to start here. This dress is a total, mess. I like the McQueen real life version, but Stardoll totally destroyed it. The form of the Stardoll version is unflattering, and the print is probably one of the ugliest things I’ve seen lately. Also, why is the color combination that horrible? Definitely the worst piece of the collection.

2. HotBuys Halterneck top.

I’ve never liked this kind of scarf-top or whatever it is, and I’ll never do. I guess the print and the color gamut is okay, but the form and especially the neckline of the top are completely unstylish, in my opinion. It’s not very useful either. In case I liked it, I would only wear it with pants. Not worthy of being bought!

3. HotBuys Skull Boots.

I don’t really hate these, but they aren’t the kind of shoes that I like. I love the leather and the camel color, but I’m not a big fan of the print. It's colors are too striking and it’s not the best combination. Also, I prefer a more elegant kind of heel. They might look good in a casual outfit anyways, so why not, maybe I’ll give them a chance!

I hope you enjoyed my critique of this collection, my advices may be helpful for you.

I can’t finish this post without thanking my dear friend Mar for giving me the opportunity of writing for this ambitious blog, it was a fantastic experience!

Lots of love.

Poll: The Addams Family Competition

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry for the delay but I'm finally here with all the contestants of the Addams Family competiton. Vote for your favourite. The winner will win 50sd. I'm not telling who are them, for people don't vote by friendship.

February 2012

Hi everyone. I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I've been really, really busy in real life. Promise to try hard to post more.

February I Fevereiro
Did Stardoll already release the best HBs of the year? I think they did!

Scarf by Alexander McQueen

Top by Gucci

Pants by Balmain

Luggage bag by Mulberry

Cape by Alexander McQueen

Dress' shape by Alexander McQueen

...and print by Topshop

Glasses' shape by H&M...

...and print by Pucci

Boots' shape by Topshop...

...and pattern by Freebird by Steven

HotBuys Glitter Dress Released!

Today HotBuys Glitter Dress was released, and I have to say, I couldn't be more disappointed. Let's just say we were waiting for what could've been one of the best LBD on Stardoll ever, and instead of that we got a cheap imitation of it, and for the extremely high price of 25sd. Take a look at it on the official HotBuys' page:

It's perfect righ? Full of glitter and with a great quality. And even when they chose the dress as the "Pick of the day" it still looks fabulous.

But on StarPlaza it looks a lot different than that. As I said, a cheap version of the nice dress. And for those who don't know, Stardoll did that before with some items such as the Skyscraper dress by DKNY.

I think Mel (bluegreen86) was right when she said:  "It is hard to make the dress look flexible and wear it many ways, and there isn't really any point in trying because there isn't anything that wonderful about it." When she chose it as one of her least favourite HBs.

Either way I created an outfit to show you how it looks like.

And the real life version of it is inspired by Moschino Cheap & Chic.

What do you think of that? Are you buying it? Do you think Stardoll has the right to show us something and sell another?
Click Here to see what else Mel (bluegreen86) said about January's Hot Buys.

Daily Look: sevillana94

My dear friend Chris (sevillana94) was spotted yesterday on her Alpíne Chalet wearing this fabulous caramel outfit. I said that before and I'm gonna repeat, Chris is one of my biggest fashion icons. If you get back to her suite every single day you'll see her wearing fabulous outfit!

On Chris: HB sunglasses, inspired by Dries Van Noten from January 2012 and belt, inspired by Stephen Lirakis, from September 2006

Update: She's also wearing the HB shorts, inspired by D&G, from november 2010. 
Thanks iluvladygaga232

HotBuys Mesh T-Shirt Released!

Today HotBuys Mesh T-Shirt was released. It costs 14sd and can be bought on Pretty n' Love store. I really like it but I don't know if the price's worthy. I mean 14sd for a top is extremey overpriced, as most as the HBs this month. I created a simple outfit to show how they look like:

On my outfit: Cribes Kefia Scarf by Miss Sixty (12sd), Open Silver Zipper Jkt by Miss Sixty (20sd), Pastel Bustier Top by Rio (40sc), High Wait Pants by Bonjour Bizou (50sc), Hingroad Pochette by Miss Sixty (18sd) and Pink Ballerina Slippers by Pretty in Love JC Penny (50sc) .

The real life version of it's mint green and it's by Missoni

"I just think this shirt has so much potential to be used wisely on so many different users" - Bluegreen86

What do you think of the top? Will you buy it?
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Daily Look: gkmktk

Hi everyone. Before I present the Daily Look of today I wanna clear something up for you. I don't choose outfits by the amount of HotBuys on it. I choose outfits by their quality. As long as the outfit has at least ONE HB that really is important to it, this outfit is able to be featured here. Just saying.

Today I was just checking some suites, as usually, to see if I can find some fabulous outfits with HotBuys, when I found this incredible-futuristic-gaga look made by gkmktk. Everything looks great, the make up, the accessories and specially the scenery! Again, another teatrical outfit.

On gkmktk: Swimsuit by Barbie from May 2008

What do you think? Would you wear it?


HotBuys Fur Coat Released!

Yesterday the HotBuys Faux Fur Coat was released, and I have to say, it looks amazingly well made! Even though it's way overpriced you can consider buying it if you really love, because totally worths it. I mean, we all buy expensive LEs with a lower quality. It costs 24sd and can be found on Rio store. Today I'm not the one who created an outfit to show you how it looks like. I asked my dear friend, and one of my biggest fashion icons, Chris (sevillana94) to do that, and doesn't she look fierce?

On Chris: Purple Faux Fur Stole by Gucci (14sd), Purple Pom Pom Scarf by Gucci (10sd), Metallic Panel Top by Dior (26sd), Sheer Silk Top by Bonjour Bizou (7sd), Cuffed Texture Trousers by Roberto Cavalli (16sd), Pink Buckle Belt by Preety n' Love (40sc), Printed Zig Zag Purse by LE and High Heel Pumps by Miss Sixty (12sd).

The real life version of the coat is by Missoni:

"I simply adore this coat and I think it can be worn in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different styles" - Bluegreen86

So, what do you think about it? Are you buying?

Click Here to read what else Bluegreen86 said about january's HBs.

Daily Look: Jundix1997

Another totally black outfit was spotted last week. Jundix1997 did a great choice on dressing all-black with gold accessories. It's a casua outfit, perfect for winter, cause if she wore this on summer, like she did, she would die in heat. Luckly weather still doesn't exist in Stardoll!

On Jundix1997: Belt by Asos

HotBuys Hat Released!

Today HotBuys Hat was released. It costs 13sd and can be bought on Rio store. I'm not so sure if I like them, the quality is great, but I found it so hard to match with the hair styles, and I tried a lot. And also VERY hard to find an outfit to show you how nice it would like. I'd like to quote my dearest Mel (Bluegreen86) here: "THINK BEFORE YOU BUY! If a Hot Buys item doesn't look that great on you, it isn't a crime to not buy it! Do not get so caught up in the hype of it all, buy items you actually like!... especially for the Hot Buys Faux Fur Hat (this hat can go either way, so make sure you can pull it off!)" And she's right, let's stop giving our expensive stardollars to Stardoll for nothing. That's what turned LE in what it is today! And I have to say, this hat's quality looks way much better than a LOT of LEs

On me: Chiffon Daisies Blouse by Stardoll (12sd), Emerald Rose Belt by Bonjour Bizou (43sc), Gold Embroidered Blush Skirt by Rio (10sd) and Oyster Satin Pumps by WOW (54sc).

What do you think of the hat? Will you buy it?
I couldn't find the real life version of it, I believe is somewhere between Fall 2011 Fashion Shows. If you find, please let me know.

Click Here to see what else Mel (bluegreen86) said about January's Hot Buys.

UPDATE: The hat is inspired by Moschino Cheap & Chic.

HB's Review: January 2012 by Bluegreen86

As you've been told, we're going to have monthly reviews on the Hot Buys by well know people on Stardoll for their great style and fashion sense. And who better than Stardoll's greatest top model to start this new section? I invited my dear friend Mel (bluegreen86) to tell us what she thinks about january 2012's Hot Buys.

As the new year begins, stardoll is already releasing the January 2012 Hot Buys! I personally was never a big Hot Buys collector or fanatic, but there is always something exciting about looking at the limited garments in the Stardoll Magazine.

As always there are quite a few Topshop pieces, which is nice since Topshop always puts out trendy and fashionable clothing, but disappointing to me personally because I really like to dress my medoll in clothes I would never be able to get my hands on in real life. That is why I am happy about the addition of the Missoni Fall/Winter 2011/2012 pieces to the Hot Buys spoiler.

As for the trend of the Hot Buys I really love the use of the bright spring pastels mixed with the winter garments. I personally am a big fan of bright colors and so I think it is exciting to see ordinary winter furs and knitted tops, but seen in unexpected colors. Now this is partially because of the Missoni collection the pieces are taken from, but I am very happy that Stardoll stuck to their direction when adapting and changing them a bit. I also enjoy the wide range of items seen in the spoiler. There is everything from shorts to a fur jacket, which I think is appropriate since Stardoll is a universal world and shouldn't just focus on one season for one demographic. I think overall the items are really well made, almost to the point where some look like LE, and great for the closets of the stardoll community!

Now I want to pick my two favorite and my two least favorite garments from the January 2012 Hot Buys!

My Two Favorite:

1. Hot Buys Lavender Faux Fur Coat
I simply adore this coat and I think it can be worn in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different styles. I love the bright color of the faux fur and I just think it is a jacket most of us will never get to own, but now we can get a taste of what it would feel like to wear this jacket through our medolls. So, everyone buy it and enjoy!

2. Hot Buys Pink Mesh T-Shirt
As I said before, I personally love the Missoni items, and so this choice may not come as a surprise. I just think this shirt has so much potential to be used wisely on so many different users. It can be layered with, used as is, and used for casual or even formal looks. I just adore the possibilities here and think it should be bought by anyone who has the stardollars!

My Two Least Favorite:

1. Hot Buys Flag Shorts
I am not a big fan of these shorts for many reasons. First of all they are shorts that most of us could buy and wear in real life, since they are sold at Topshop, and not only that but they actually look much better in real life. The adaptation makes them look tacky and unusual, and the silver shine makes them look unrealistic. For me, these are just not worth the money and I would NOT buy them.

2. Hot Buys Glitter Dress
I have to say that I like all the items except for the shorts, but I have to be honest, the Hot Buys Glitter Dress just isn't as nice as I want it to be. It is probably going to be one of the most expensive pieces from the January 2012 Hot Buys and it just isn't worth the splurge. It is hard to make the dress look flexible and wear it many ways, and there isn't really any point in trying because there isn't anything that wonderful about it. So, I personally think people should save their money for another item that is more exciting.

Lastly, THINK BEFORE YOU BUY! If a Hot Buys item doesn't look that great on you, it isn't a crime to not buy it! Do not get so caught up in the hype of it all, buy items you actually like!

Remember this especially for the Hot Buys Sunglasses (I personally have tried wearing sunglasses on here and they never seem to look right) and the Hot Buys Faux Fur Hat (this hat can go either way, so make sure you can pull it off!)

Anyways, that is all! I had so much fun writing for this incredible blog and am so thankful that .Marcela.. asked me to! I hope you found me helpful!


Daily Look: Elite-girl

A few days ago I spotted Elite-girl wearing this fabulous and teatrical outfit, on a scenery that looked more like a fashion editorial. I love the black dramatic dress, she did a great work on layering, and the StarDesign red hair. Her look makes a great contrast with the dry scenery, and the crowed donkey gave a special spice to everything.

On Elite-girl: Earrings by Danielle Scutt for Topshop, from july 2011, and belt by H&M from january 2007.

What do you think of the outfit? Teatrical enough, or too much?
Next... Jundix1997