August 2011

Hot Buys Addicted will change a little bit from now. We'll have polls, competitions and reviews on the HBs by stardollians famous for their fashion sense and style. So here are the real life version og August 2011 Hbs:

August l Agosto

 Skirt by H&M
Thanks to Seen on Stardoll
Shoes by Topshop

Bag by Topshop

Earrings by Topshop

Dress by H&M
Thanks to Seen on Stardoll

Leggings by Anna Sui
They're not identical but we can clearly see the inspiration

Fur stole by Anna Sui

Animal hat by Anna Sui

Jacket by Armani Privé

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New Blog Address

Hi everyone, this is Marcela (.marcela..). Unfortunally my other blog was stolen by Reece (mizzmileycyrus9) and Ado (he has a lot of accounts). Fortunally I had time enough to export all the posts from it, so I could create this new one to keep posting. Now I need your help to get all the followers from the other blog to unfollow it and follow this one. So if you have a blog please make a post, and if you don't, please tell your friends. Thank you so much!


UPDATE: Yay!! Already got 110 followers on the 1st day! Thank you so much for all the supporting, and thanks for the blogs who helped me by posting my message.