New Year, New Blog!

Hi everyone, this is Marcela (.Marcela..), the owner of the blog, and first of all I would like to wish you a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR, may all your dreams come true! This year wasn't the best year for Hot Buys Addicted, as some of you know, I was hacked and the original blog, with more than 1000 followers, was stolen by Reece (mizzmileycyrus9). Anyway, thanks to you, followers, I could creat a new successfull blog, with already 350 followers. And I have a great feeling for 2012. So let's go straight to the news. I have new ideas for the blog to help increase it's number of followers and also make it more interactive.

Ever since this blog was created, we had nothing more than the real life version of the HotBuys posted on a simple page. This year we have new pages, to fit the new categories.

Nothing will change on this category, except for the fact that it will not be displayed on the 1st page of the blog as it used to be, since I'll post more things. Now the Real Life Versions will have it's own page.

Every month I'll ask a known member to give their review on the month's Hot Buys.

I'll post daily every news related to HotBuys.

I'll feature here on the blog one look per day of someone wearing a Hot Buys. It can be anything, an accessory or a piece of garment, and it doesn't matter the month of it, you can choose either from the 1st month to the current one. On the last day of the month, I'll create a poll and you will choose the best of the month. The winner will win 50sd or 500sc. To apply for this category all you have to do is tell me on my GB that you're wearing a HotBuy.

During the month I'll try to develop new competitions with some current news. For exemple, next month we'll have the Carnaval here in Brazil, so I'll ask you to wear a Carnaval outfit with HotBuys.

This page will be for you to announce if you're selling or trading a HotBuys, or even if you're looking for a HotBuy. It will have nothing but a comment box. Everyone who announce anything other than HBs will have their comment deleted and will be banned from announcing here.

As you've probably seen, I have put some advertisings from Google Ads here in the blog. So whenever you can, please click on them so I can use the money to buy Stardollars and Hot Buys to use as gifts on the competitions. It takes less than 2 seconds to help ;)

That's it, I hope you like the news.

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  1. wow amazing! i hope you'll do that because it's fantastic :D i love this blog <3

  2. you could also change some thing like where it says comments from spanish to english because it is difficult from some of us to understand what it says.

    P.S.I <3 this blog!!!
    P.S.2 please visit me(toutou17)