It's been such a hard time to me on Stardoll, and I'm trying hard to get less involved as possible. Anyway, HB Addicted is the only reason I'm still happy for. And I owe that to each one of you, who followed, helped and told your friends about the blog. Thank you SO much!

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  1. I love this blog!! It's perfect!
    Eu amo esse blog!! É perfeito!

  2. Wow!
    I remember when HBA had just a few hundred...
    Congrats, hun! You deserve to have all of these followers :-)

  3. I'm from Poland and I love this blog!!

  4. Wow! Parabéns! Blog fantástico! Queria saber como é que põe aquelas imagens dos hotbuys (criadas pelo stardoll)aquelas «que mexem» hihi! Agradecia imenso que me dissesse pois eu amo essas imagens que vc posta. Se preferir contactar-me via Stardoll eu chamo-me Minny-Gelatina!
    Beijinho enorme, MG <3

  5. Congrats!
    How can I follow your blog too? I can't find a button 'follow'... :$