Daily Look: Jundix1997

Another totally black outfit was spotted last week. Jundix1997 did a great choice on dressing all-black with gold accessories. It's a casua outfit, perfect for winter, cause if she wore this on summer, like she did, she would die in heat. Luckly weather still doesn't exist in Stardoll!

On Jundix1997: Belt by Asos

4 comentários:

  1. Wow. One small belt. I think you should choose other people with more than one Hot Buy in the future.

    Just my opinion.


  2. Hi Emma, thanks for your opinion.
    I know it's only one small belt but it made the whole difference. Take off the belt from this outfit and you'll see how boring it will look like.

  3. I agree with both parties in this situation... Emma is right one belt? Really? Girls have been wearing two or three and asking you to check them out and one measly belt beats all of them? And Marcela is right as well. Even though it is just the one thing.. it makes quite an impact on the outfit.

  4. On the outfits I choose, I look on how important is the HB to the outfit, not how many HBs she is wearing. And I also look for nice outfits. I'm not featuring anyone just because she is wearing tons of HBs.