February 2012

Hi everyone. I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I've been really, really busy in real life. Promise to try hard to post more.

February I Fevereiro
Did Stardoll already release the best HBs of the year? I think they did!

Scarf by Alexander McQueen

Top by Gucci

Pants by Balmain

Luggage bag by Mulberry

Cape by Alexander McQueen

Dress' shape by Alexander McQueen

...and print by Topshop

Glasses' shape by H&M...

...and print by Pucci

Boots' shape by Topshop...

...and pattern by Freebird by Steven

7 comentários:

  1. I want the boots, the cape, the jeans, :O IT'S like the best they've had in forever! x] no short skirts, see throu tops, it's amazing :D

  2. I totally agree I love the jeans, the cape, the romper, if they keep choosing collections like this Hotbuys will just be amazing for the rest of the year!

  3. Hey guys 2 hotbuys shirts are already released and you haven't posted anything!

  4. Hey tatiana, we'll be back on posting for feb's hbs.

  5. great blog , nice post and amazing clothes n stuff. Feel free to check out mine :)

  6. Marcela, Do you need help with you're blog? Well if you do, I'm here to help. - oayes

  7. The boots could be inspired by Cobra Society (found them at Net-a-porter):