HotBuys Mesh T-Shirt Released!

Today HotBuys Mesh T-Shirt was released. It costs 14sd and can be bought on Pretty n' Love store. I really like it but I don't know if the price's worthy. I mean 14sd for a top is extremey overpriced, as most as the HBs this month. I created a simple outfit to show how they look like:

On my outfit: Cribes Kefia Scarf by Miss Sixty (12sd), Open Silver Zipper Jkt by Miss Sixty (20sd), Pastel Bustier Top by Rio (40sc), High Wait Pants by Bonjour Bizou (50sc), Hingroad Pochette by Miss Sixty (18sd) and Pink Ballerina Slippers by Pretty in Love JC Penny (50sc) .

The real life version of it's mint green and it's by Missoni

"I just think this shirt has so much potential to be used wisely on so many different users" - Bluegreen86

What do you think of the top? Will you buy it?
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