HotBuys Glitter Dress Released!

Today HotBuys Glitter Dress was released, and I have to say, I couldn't be more disappointed. Let's just say we were waiting for what could've been one of the best LBD on Stardoll ever, and instead of that we got a cheap imitation of it, and for the extremely high price of 25sd. Take a look at it on the official HotBuys' page:

It's perfect righ? Full of glitter and with a great quality. And even when they chose the dress as the "Pick of the day" it still looks fabulous.

But on StarPlaza it looks a lot different than that. As I said, a cheap version of the nice dress. And for those who don't know, Stardoll did that before with some items such as the Skyscraper dress by DKNY.

I think Mel (bluegreen86) was right when she said:  "It is hard to make the dress look flexible and wear it many ways, and there isn't really any point in trying because there isn't anything that wonderful about it." When she chose it as one of her least favourite HBs.

Either way I created an outfit to show you how it looks like.

And the real life version of it is inspired by Moschino Cheap & Chic.

What do you think of that? Are you buying it? Do you think Stardoll has the right to show us something and sell another?
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  1. what??are you crazy??it's the excactly same dress~what's different about it???

  2. I actually agree with Marcela it could be a lot better

  3. Of course it could, I don't know how Tatiana didn't see the difference. Just look at the picture of "Pick of the day" and at the picture of me wearing it. The one on "Pick of the day" is perfect, full of glitter and fringes... the other one is not.

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  5. The quality is a little lower, I suppose. But I still adore the dress. It's one of my favorites.