HotBuys Fur Coat Released!

Yesterday the HotBuys Faux Fur Coat was released, and I have to say, it looks amazingly well made! Even though it's way overpriced you can consider buying it if you really love, because totally worths it. I mean, we all buy expensive LEs with a lower quality. It costs 24sd and can be found on Rio store. Today I'm not the one who created an outfit to show you how it looks like. I asked my dear friend, and one of my biggest fashion icons, Chris (sevillana94) to do that, and doesn't she look fierce?

On Chris: Purple Faux Fur Stole by Gucci (14sd), Purple Pom Pom Scarf by Gucci (10sd), Metallic Panel Top by Dior (26sd), Sheer Silk Top by Bonjour Bizou (7sd), Cuffed Texture Trousers by Roberto Cavalli (16sd), Pink Buckle Belt by Preety n' Love (40sc), Printed Zig Zag Purse by LE and High Heel Pumps by Miss Sixty (12sd).

The real life version of the coat is by Missoni:

"I simply adore this coat and I think it can be worn in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different styles" - Bluegreen86

So, what do you think about it? Are you buying?

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