HotBuys Hat Released!

Today HotBuys Hat was released. It costs 13sd and can be bought on Rio store. I'm not so sure if I like them, the quality is great, but I found it so hard to match with the hair styles, and I tried a lot. And also VERY hard to find an outfit to show you how nice it would like. I'd like to quote my dearest Mel (Bluegreen86) here: "THINK BEFORE YOU BUY! If a Hot Buys item doesn't look that great on you, it isn't a crime to not buy it! Do not get so caught up in the hype of it all, buy items you actually like!... especially for the Hot Buys Faux Fur Hat (this hat can go either way, so make sure you can pull it off!)" And she's right, let's stop giving our expensive stardollars to Stardoll for nothing. That's what turned LE in what it is today! And I have to say, this hat's quality looks way much better than a LOT of LEs

On me: Chiffon Daisies Blouse by Stardoll (12sd), Emerald Rose Belt by Bonjour Bizou (43sc), Gold Embroidered Blush Skirt by Rio (10sd) and Oyster Satin Pumps by WOW (54sc).

What do you think of the hat? Will you buy it?
I couldn't find the real life version of it, I believe is somewhere between Fall 2011 Fashion Shows. If you find, please let me know.

Click Here to see what else Mel (bluegreen86) said about January's Hot Buys.

UPDATE: The hat is inspired by Moschino Cheap & Chic.

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  1. I like that hat,but not on the I wont spend money on it.I'll keep my money for the glitter dress and the T-shirts :).And maybe the bag or the coat =P

    visit me!I'm wearing hotbuys!!!

  2. I think it's this one Marcela

    Hope it helps you