HB's Review: January 2012 by Bluegreen86

As you've been told, we're going to have monthly reviews on the Hot Buys by well know people on Stardoll for their great style and fashion sense. And who better than Stardoll's greatest top model to start this new section? I invited my dear friend Mel (bluegreen86) to tell us what she thinks about january 2012's Hot Buys.

As the new year begins, stardoll is already releasing the January 2012 Hot Buys! I personally was never a big Hot Buys collector or fanatic, but there is always something exciting about looking at the limited garments in the Stardoll Magazine.

As always there are quite a few Topshop pieces, which is nice since Topshop always puts out trendy and fashionable clothing, but disappointing to me personally because I really like to dress my medoll in clothes I would never be able to get my hands on in real life. That is why I am happy about the addition of the Missoni Fall/Winter 2011/2012 pieces to the Hot Buys spoiler.

As for the trend of the Hot Buys I really love the use of the bright spring pastels mixed with the winter garments. I personally am a big fan of bright colors and so I think it is exciting to see ordinary winter furs and knitted tops, but seen in unexpected colors. Now this is partially because of the Missoni collection the pieces are taken from, but I am very happy that Stardoll stuck to their direction when adapting and changing them a bit. I also enjoy the wide range of items seen in the spoiler. There is everything from shorts to a fur jacket, which I think is appropriate since Stardoll is a universal world and shouldn't just focus on one season for one demographic. I think overall the items are really well made, almost to the point where some look like LE, and great for the closets of the stardoll community!

Now I want to pick my two favorite and my two least favorite garments from the January 2012 Hot Buys!

My Two Favorite:

1. Hot Buys Lavender Faux Fur Coat
I simply adore this coat and I think it can be worn in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different styles. I love the bright color of the faux fur and I just think it is a jacket most of us will never get to own, but now we can get a taste of what it would feel like to wear this jacket through our medolls. So, everyone buy it and enjoy!

2. Hot Buys Pink Mesh T-Shirt
As I said before, I personally love the Missoni items, and so this choice may not come as a surprise. I just think this shirt has so much potential to be used wisely on so many different users. It can be layered with, used as is, and used for casual or even formal looks. I just adore the possibilities here and think it should be bought by anyone who has the stardollars!

My Two Least Favorite:

1. Hot Buys Flag Shorts
I am not a big fan of these shorts for many reasons. First of all they are shorts that most of us could buy and wear in real life, since they are sold at Topshop, and not only that but they actually look much better in real life. The adaptation makes them look tacky and unusual, and the silver shine makes them look unrealistic. For me, these are just not worth the money and I would NOT buy them.

2. Hot Buys Glitter Dress
I have to say that I like all the items except for the shorts, but I have to be honest, the Hot Buys Glitter Dress just isn't as nice as I want it to be. It is probably going to be one of the most expensive pieces from the January 2012 Hot Buys and it just isn't worth the splurge. It is hard to make the dress look flexible and wear it many ways, and there isn't really any point in trying because there isn't anything that wonderful about it. So, I personally think people should save their money for another item that is more exciting.

Lastly, THINK BEFORE YOU BUY! If a Hot Buys item doesn't look that great on you, it isn't a crime to not buy it! Do not get so caught up in the hype of it all, buy items you actually like!

Remember this especially for the Hot Buys Sunglasses (I personally have tried wearing sunglasses on here and they never seem to look right) and the Hot Buys Faux Fur Hat (this hat can go either way, so make sure you can pull it off!)

Anyways, that is all! I had so much fun writing for this incredible blog and am so thankful that .Marcela.. asked me to! I hope you found me helpful!


4 comentários:

  1. Great, great, great! It was a great idea of ​​Marcela, calling celebrities Stardoll to give us tips and reviews, and were very good words of Mel, always tuned and true. I agree with everything she said... The Stardoll has to start choosing your best Hot Buys. Congrat's Mar and Mel! ♥

  2. Love the idea Marcela! I agree with a lot of what you said Mel... Except for the two least favourite but everyone is entitled to their own opinion right? Congrats girls! :)

  3. Marcela, you are full of amazing ideas! Mel you provide both an interesting an inspirational review. I to am fond of missoni but never have the confidence to dress my medoll in such clothes unfortunatly, I am sure you could pull off such an outfit though. I rather like the glitter dresses appearance but am in two minds weather to buy as it holds to much volume.

    -Georgie xx

  4. Good advice, Mel. I always try on anything before I buy it. I bought the hat because it does look good on my doll.

    Now I'm going to check out the glasses. I'm just not too sure about them. I have so many glasses already!!