HotBuys Sunglasses Released!

Today HotBuys Sunglasses were released. They cost 13sd and can be bought on Spectacular store. I love them. The tortoise pattern is really glamorous and the shape makes them versatile. They cost 13sd,  I think it's a reasonable price. I created a simple outfit to show how they look like:

On my outfit: Tangerine Long Blazer by WOW (15sd), Little White Dress by DvF (20sd), Bronze Armor Belt by Riviera (5sd), Basic Black Bra by Stardoll (10sc), Zebra Stripe Clutch by Rio (57sc), Shanghai Ring by Epiphany (12sd), Mary Kate Gold Heels by Young Hollywood (still avaible, 40sd).

What do you think of the glasses? Will you buy them?
We couldn't find the brand or a real life picture of it. If you do, please contact me.

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    By urban outfitters...probably...they'are this
    On stardoll I am MISSMISSNOME