Daily Look: Hunnigall

I was "walking" around random Stardoll's suites yesterday when I spotted Hunnigall wearing this fabulous color-blocking look. I was so happy to see her holding a Hot Buy clutch, so I would be able to post her look on the blog. Here it is:

Hunnigall is holding a fabulous clutch by inspired Marc Jacobs from april 2011

Today I went back on her suite to see if she was still wearing the same look, and for my surprise she was wearing another fabulous outfit, and this time with more Hot Buys.

Hunnigall is wearing a beret inspired by Burberry from september 2006 (vintage!), a pair of Betsey Johnson inspired platforms from February 2007 and a pair of pantyhose with undentified brand.

So, what do you think of her outfits? Did you like them? Would you wear them? Which one is your favourite?
For those who applied for "Daily Looks" and wasn't featured, don't be upset, I saved a lot of your outfits to post on the future, but I'll only post one by day, even if you're no longer wearing.

6 comentários:

  1. Her tights are hot buys as well :). Please check out my look it's got hot buys. My doll is Hapsiperson :)

  2. where are her shoes from in the first picture? they are amazing!!!!

  3. I love the outfits. Very creative.
    I'm wearing 3 Hot Buys in my outfit :)
    My username is 3mmag9

    xo Emma

  4. loving the ideas, and loving the colourful look! I'm wearing hotbuys too ^^

  5. Aw thanks :D

    In the first pic the boots (don't remember the name..) are thigh length and have pink V shaped stripes on. I keep them in the storage so I'd assume they were Hotbuys :P

  6. well I don't like neither of the 2 outfits but in the first the clutch and the belt are amazing and in the second i like the belt(whicj is the same in the 1st look).Even if I don't like the outfits they are stylish and chic.
    Please visit me!